Famous markets in Bac Ha (Lao Cai Province)

Update: 29/09/2022
Participating in fairs is one of the most interesting activities that you can experience in Bac Ha district (Lao Cai province). Alternating markets take place on weekdays, where goods are sold, traded, and the unique culture of the highlands of the Northwest is celebrated.

Bac Ha Market

As one of the oldest markets, Bac Ha market still retains its pristine and cultural identity of the people in the Northwest. Bac Ha market is an attractive tourist destination for any visitor coming to Lao Cai. Visitors to the market can enjoy highland specialties such as red pho, “thắng cố”, and corn wine; buy local agricultural products such as cat cabbage (cải mèo), female ginseng, yellow turmeric, and other valuable medicinal herbs; or experience some of the work and day-to-day activities of the people of Tay, Mong Hoa, Phu La, and others.

Bac Ha market. Photo: Pham Bang

Coc Ly Market

Taking place every Tuesday, the Coc Ly market is a place to buy, sell, exchange, and meet-up for the Mong Hoa, Dao Den, and Nung people. They would go to the market, bringing with them local goods such as vegetables, rice, honey, and mushrooms. After exploring and experiencing the trading activities with the locals, visitors can stop at the food court and enjoy local specialties such as thắng cố, mèn mén, and phở chua (sour phở)... and then continue to visit the nearby village of Coc Sam to admire and learn about the thousands of year-old burretiodendron hsienmu (iron-wood tree) that has been recognized as one of the few Vietnamese Heritage Trees.

Coc Ly market. Photo: Pham Gia Chien

Lung Phinh Market

Located about 10km from the center of Bac Ha town, Lung Phinh market takes place every Friday, where the Giay, Phu La and Mong Hoa ethnic groups meet and exchange goods such as konjac - the old specialty used by the poor people to replace meat, creating many delicious and creative dishes. Lung Phinh market is divided into many different areas: vegetables and fruit areas; terracotta products area; tools and household appliances area; cattle and poultry area; food area..., in which the most vibrant area is the cattle and poultry trading area. Especially, Lung Phinh market is also famous for a specialty called Ban Pho corn wine, made from forest leaves, cooked with spring water at over 1,200 m, so the taste of the wine is truly unforgettable

Hai Anh

Source: Vietnam Today - vtr.org.vn - September 27, 2022