Website jumps top of the region

Update: 16/03/2023
(TITC) - According to data analysis on February 2023 of - web analytics company specialising in web traffic and performance, website promoting Vietnam tourism of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) ranks the same position as Thailand’s website and surpassed many countries to stand top in the region.

Chart 1. Ranking website compared to tourism websites in other countries in the region (February 2023)


Website is the official website of VNAT to promote the image of Vietnam tourism to the world. Tourism Information Technology Center (TITC) (under VNAT) is the unit assigned to manage and operate the website. TITC has coordinated with other relevant units of VNAT as well as consultation from experts in the field of tourism, to implement attentive activities to promote Vietnam's outstanding brands, destinations and tourism products on the website

Thereby, in February 2023, website ranked #128,229 globally. Regarding the country rank, website stood the same rank as Thailand's website (ranked #126,000), surpassed Indonesia (ranked #137,962), continued to rank above Malaysia (ranked #745,714) and the Philippines (ranked #470,625).

Chart 2. Compare the up/down in ranking of website and other websites in the region (February 2023 compared to January 2023)


Vietnam's website increased 60,825 places compared to January 2023, while many countries in the region dropped in rankings: Thailand (down 15,470 places), Indonesia (down 7,285 places), Malaysia (down 52,435 places)...

Comparing to the period of October 2021, the website ranked #575,000. Up to this point, its rank has increased to 447,000.

Chart 3. Total visit from international markets of website compared to the tourism websites of other countries in the region (February 2023)


Remarkably, the website receives the highest total visit from international markets (85%), higher than Indonesia (62%), Malaysia (58%), Thailand (41%) and Philippines (28%). The result has shown that the website is doing its best to promote and attract target markets abroad.

Additionally, the bounce rate - Average percentage of visitors who view only one page before leaving the website is 66%, lower than Thailand (71%), Malaysia (71%) and Indonesia (73%).

Chart 4. Pages per visit of website and other tourism website of countries in region (February 2023)


Visitors visit the website and read the average of 3.12 pages/visit - brighter results compared to other countries: Thailand (1.77 pages), Indonesia (1.69 pages), Malaysia (2.0 pages).

This shows the big interests of international visitors towards Vietnam, how attractive and useful information the website provides so far.

Chart 5. Average Visit Duration on website and other websites of countries in the region (February 2023)


Average duration of time spent on the site is 1 minute and 50 seconds, same as Thailand, and higher than Indonesia (a minute and 17 seconds), Malaysia (58 seconds). The Average Visit Duration indicates viewers have high interest in Vietnam’s website.

By time, website has worked to promote the image and brand of Vietnam tourism, provide relevant information to target markets, and attract international visitors with the message Live fully in Vietnam.

Several new, unique and attractive destinations, products and services are regularly updated on the website according to the themes: Explore, Relax and Play. Introducing international visitors to the outstanding types of tourism in Vietnam such as: wellness tourism, cultural heritage tourism, eco-nature tourism,  cuisine tourism, golf tourism…

Recently, the website has focused on promoting the Visit Vietnam Year 2022 in Quang Nam and the upcoming Visit Vietnam Year 2023 in Binh Thuan with typical local events, activities, destinations, products and services, highlighting the theme of green, sustainable, and environmentally friendly tourism.

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