An Giang Province: Tra Su Melaleuca forest, a colourful wonder nature

Update: 10/07/2023
(TITC) - Every 3 years, the Mekong Delta Tourism Association surveys, votes, recognizes and re-accredits 14 "Typical tourist attractions in the Mekong Delta 2023" in 7 provinces and cities. Tra Su Melaleuca Forest eco-tourism site (An Giang) is in the Top 10 newly recognized tourist destinations.

Tra Su Melaleuca Forest eco-tourism site (An Giang), dubbed “Amazon forest” of Vietnam, located about 30 km from Chau Doc city to the southwest and about 60 km from Long Xuyen city, Tra Su Melaleuca forest with an area of 845 ha in the core zone and 643 ha in the buffer zone is located in the system of special-use forests of Vietnam,and is recognized as a landscape protection zone in 2005. Tra Su possesses all the necessary evidence to prove her claim. From a green patch covering millions of square metres to a multicolor.

The beauty of the immense pink lotus is a must-see when visiting Tra Su Melaleuca forest (Photo:

Tra Su is peaceful, gentle and simple. The magic here originates from the early morning, the dew drops are still wriggling on the green water hyacinth carpet, the young forest in the distance looms in the misty curtain. The dawn gradually revealed, drawing on the pure and romantic Tra Su scene that moved people's hearts.

Release your soul into the sound of the symphony, the sound of the forest cheering and rustling like a never-ending tune, the chirping of young birds, the melodious sound of the wind blowing into the quiet space. Sitting on the "three-shield wooden canoe", gently gliding through the vast and peaceful scenery of the great forest, deep into the "Kingdom of Melaleuca".

Visitors will be guided by boating village girls to stop at "unique - strange" spots to ensure that visitors will have super beautiful photos. The weather is getting airy, above the melaleuca leaves spreading out to block the sun, below the cool steam gives an overly refreshing feeling.

The authority of the province creates favourable conditions for communities living in the periphery to participate in tourism depending on the level of expertise or skill level.

To make Tra Su Melaleuca Forest not only a place where terrestrial and aquatic animals and plants live in harmony, develop sustainably in the wild natural environment, and conserve biodiversity. Now, it has become an eco-tourism paradise with beautiful scenery bearing a characteristic mark that attracts domestic and international tourists.

Mother Nature has favoured Tra Su, a picture of green nature, rich products in harmony with the goal of promoting the potential and inherent strengths in the direction of green and sustainable tourism.

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