Developing agricultural and rural tourist sites in Ha Noi

Update: 27/07/2023
(TITC) - Besides the advantages of culture, history, architecture and landscape, Ha Noi has great potential for developing agricultural and rural tourism. The development of agricultural and rural tourism in the direction of green and sustainable growth in Ha Noi is in line with the current trend.

According to the City Department of Tourism, Ha Noi has 11 ecological agricultural farms operating under the model of education and experience tourism; 4 agricultural cooperatives adopting the model of country farms. These models are always the right choice for educational activities and experiences of schools in Ha Noi and surrounding localities. Some places are well known to visitors such as Duong Lam Ancient Village (Son Tay Town), Bat Trang Pottery Village, Phu Dong Paper Flower Village (Gia Lam District), Hong Van Bonsai craft Village (Thuong Tin District), Dong Do Lake, Ham Lon Mountain (Soc Son District)...

Agricultural and rural tourism brings into play the strengths of agricultural production, creating momentum for economic development in suburban areas (Photo:

The city currently has the first two OCOP products to be evaluated, rated 4 stars in the category of community-based tourism services, eco-tourism and tourist sites. At the same time, it also recognized 7 tourist sites in suburban areas, associated with agricultural, rural, craft villages and ecological tourism, including: Duong Xa commune tourist site, Phu Dong tourist site (Gia Lam district); Thuy Ung horn comb village tourist site, Van Diem high-class carpentry village tourist site (Thuong Tin district); Dai Ang tourist site, Yen My tourist site (Thanh Tri district); Long Ho village tourist site, Kim Son commune (Son Tay town).

In order to promote the strengths and potentials and conditions of each area, the city has also directed, mobilised and encouraged organisations and individuals to continue to create novel and unique products on the basis of focusing on local strengths, developing product groups of community-based tourism, eco-tourism, traditional craft villages and crafts associated with agriculture and education in the districts of Ba Vi, Dan Phuong, Thuong Tin, Soc Son, Son Tay town....

The city will focus on building and piloting 6 models of agricultural and rural tourism development (Photo:

The Ha Noi Department of Tourism will continue to implement effectively and qualitatively the tasks, solutions, programmes and plans to develop rural tourism in the construction of new rural areas in the 2021-2025 period. In addition, research and develop information technology software to collect and process databases on survey and assessment of the current status of agricultural and rural tourism in Ha Noi City to serve the planning and management of agricultural and rural tourism models associated with the new countryside.

The Department will also study and develop a general guiding framework to serve state management agencies with a basis for directing, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of action plans; Organise the selection and support to develop community tourism destinations associated with traditional craft villages, agricultural and rural industries; Encourage the development of OCOP products "Community tourism services and tourist attractions"; Building specific models of agricultural and rural tourism linkage chains with the participation of Farmers - Cooperatives - Households - Enterprises.

According to the plan on economic development of agricultural and rural tourism associated with the construction of new rural areas in Ha Noi in the period of 2022-2025, the city sets a target to 2025, each district, town with potentials and strengths for agricultural and rural tourism development in the city's area shall present at least 1 to 3 products "Community tourism services and tourist attractions"; strive to have at least 50% of these products protected by intellectual property rights and recognized by OCOP with 3 stars or higher standards. Ha Noi strives that each district and town holds the potential to build at least one model of a specific agricultural and rural tourism linkage chain model with the participation of farmers, cooperatives, business households and enterprises.

Ha Noi will focus on building and piloting 6 models of agricultural and rural tourism development; community tourism; smart tourism village; craft village tourism... in the direction of green, responsible and sustainable tourism in the districts of: Thuong Tin, Dan Phuong, Thanh Tri, My Duc, Thach That and Son Tay town.

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