Foundation of Tam Hai natural reserve

Update: 29/03/2024
Quang Nam province is promptly promoting the foundation of Tam Hai natural reserve in order to effectively protect the rich natural resources in this coastal estuary.

Ban Than reef

Coastal biodiversity

According to the findings of scientific research carried out by Pham Ba Trung (Institute of Oceanography, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology), it is necessary to set up a marine protected area in Tam Hai commune (Nui Thanh, Quang Nam).

The provincial marine and coastal ecosystem plays an important role in providing aquatic animals with sources of food, habitats, and reproductive places, contributing to the ecological balance. Meanwhile, the area around the Tam Hai island commune is a place of high biodiversity in Quang Nam.

In this area, seaweed covers an area of 78.4 hectares. The coral reefs occupy 196.7 hectares. Mangrove Swamp has 110 hectares. There are 174 fishes, 44 species of spineless animals, and 66 kinds of seaweed. They are considered the major local income sources.

In brief, the natural resources in this area play an important role in biodiversity and ecosystems in the coastal river mouth.

Target resource identification and conservation

The surrounding areas' mangrove habitats in Tam Hai are endangered due to the intricate exploitation and use of natural resources, which also negatively impacts the ecosystem.

Harvesting seaweed in Tam Hai coastal area

In terms of the Tam Hai coastal ecosystem, its coral reefs are under negative impacts of environmental problems, especially waste, and local livelihood activities.

So it is necessary to help people raise their awareness of exploitation and conservation for sustainable economic benefits.

Currently, the locals are passionate about the preservation of coastal resources in Tam Hai.

Local authorities promise to coordinate with other agencies so that conservation projects can soon be carried out, helping to preserve the natural resources there for future use.

It is predicted that the identification of a 560ha strict protection zone in the Tam Hai marine reserve may face difficulties in the control process.

One of them is the problem of the residents’ livelihood. Marine natural resource conservation may lead to reducing the space for their livelihood activities and limitation of what to be exploited. So, it is essential to identify the target resources for conservation.

Translated by Ho Thu

Source: Quang Nam News - - Mar 28, 2024