Homestay tours in Soc Trang

Update: 16/06/2021
Soc Trang is a well-endowed land that has it all: rivers, the sea, forests, canals, creeks and a chain of mounds running 50km along the Rear River up to the East Sea.

Homestay tours in association with quintessential Southwestern culture along Quan Lo – Phung Hiep route:

Visitors are to be immersed in the rustic and uncouth lifestyle of the local community that involves sampan boat rides to purvey snails, harvesting vegetables, uncovering and releasing fish buckets, setting eel snares, harvesting fruits, staples and vegetables in gardens, visits to traditional confectionary workshops, cooking classes for the making and enjoyment of rice cakes hotly baked on their own, joining the host in harvesting their agricultural produces, exporing the rustic and characteristic features of a typical Southwestern floating market and enjoying the drifting on the water to take part in their hectic trade and ordinary life and relish most authentic and delicious snacks aboard.

Quality ecological tours in the Southwest:

Nested on the Rear River in Nhon My commune, Ke Sach district, My Phuoc mound was recognized as a natural site of provincial significance, endowed with pure air and exuberant orchards that yield good produces all year round. Visitors may bike around the mound, admire the juicy bunches of fruits up high, relish pineapple coconuts or get aboard a canoe to drift and plow the waves along the Rear River as well as local delicacies, or simply sing along with amateur musicians who are also the hospitable and authentic locals.

Natural and historical themed tours

Visitors who pay a visit to An Thanh Nhat and South An Thanh communes in Cu Lao Dung district of Soc Trang province are to be indulged in the poetic scenery of mangrove forests that enable a series of exciting exercises: a walk across the bamboo forest to the recess of the mangrove forest, feeding monkeys, purveying snails, collecting vọp snails, crabs or fish, getting aboard a vessel to the basin to admire the clam swamp on Tran De estuary or exploring the mangrove apple forests that shelter a variety of brackish flora and fauna. Visitors are also directed to orchards, invited to amateur music shows, take part in water games of the locals and relish their best snacks.

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