Major man-made lake exudes peaceful charm

Update: 07/01/2022
Source: VOV
With an array of beautiful scenery, Thac Ba lake can be viewed as "Ha Long Bay on the mountain" in the country’s northwest region.

Thac Ba lake is one of the three largest man-made lakes in the nation. The lake is notable for being home to over 1,000 big and small islands along with many beautiful caves.

The lake is in an area between Luc Yen and Yen Binh communes in Yen Bai province. Workers first began to build the lake in 1962 and completed work on it in 1970.

The purpose of the lake is to take water from the Chay river in order to serve the Thac Ba hydropower plant, the first structure of its kind in Vietnam.

Along with developing Thac Ba lake as a prime tourism destination, local authorities must ensure the safety of tourists whilst simultaneously protecting the lake’s environment.

A bustling scene can be seen during the early morning due to many boats docking in the area, with trade suddenly getting busy.

Cage fishing helps to improve the income of local people.

Local hand-made handicraft products are also among the most popular items available.

The beautiful and relaxing scenery of the islands on the lake will make visitors feel even better when visiting the site.