Unique Angle Eye Mountain in Cao Bang

Update: 04/04/2022
Source: VOV - english.vov.vn - April 1st, 2022
Along with Ban Gioc waterfall, the northern border province of Cao Bang also features a unique mountain sitting in the middle of a beautiful valley, known as Mat Than (Angle Eye) Mountain.

Located inside in Non Nuoc Cao Bang Global Geopark, Nui Thung Mountain or Angle Eye Mountain has become a popular destination among travelers in recent times.

The mountain has a hole which is 50 metres in diameter and located 50 metres above the lake.

The mountain can be found in the heart of the valley between the Thang Hen Lake complex comprised of 36 interconnected lakes, some of which are dry and some of which are full.

The site attracts plenty of tourists due to its green grass which appears just like velvet.

Visitors can pose for photos at Nam Cha Waterfall.

Situated at the foot of the majestic mountains is a crystal blue lake which serves to create breathtaking scenery for guests to enjoy.

Horses and cattle leisurely graze along the side of the lake.

Just a 50km drive from Cao Bang city, the mountain stands out in the poetic, peaceful landscape as it rises above the nomadic steppe.