Vietnamese Tet flower in foreign newspapers

Update: 15/10/2013
Source: Vietnamnet
New Year flowers, the unique culture of the Vietnamese people, have appeared in many international newspapers and magazines. Let’s admire Tet flowers in many regions of the country, through the lens of the foreign reporters. Hanoi’s flower village enters the season

A farmer is taking care of his peach garden. All Vietnamese these days are preparing for the lunar New Year - the most important festival of the nation. Many northern families prefer to buy peach or kumquat trees to display in the house, besides a variety of other flowers to make New Year flavor

A soldier is choosing a kumquat tree for the New Year

Southerners generally prefer yellow apricot trees

A young girl carrying peach flowers to sell at a New Year flower market in the city

Cherry, plum flowers on the front porch of the house in the northwest region

Plum flowers in the northwest region

Daisy flower garden, the flowers that are often solemnly placed on the altar

Wild peach flowers

Plum flowers by Pham Ngoc Bang, a reporter of Lao Cai newspaper published on a foreign newspaper

Wild peach flowers