Cao Pha (Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai) to develop tourism towards the goal of sustainability

Update: 28/07/2023
(TITC) - Since 2018, four homestays named Quan Pom, Kien Panh, Quyet Doan, Khau Pha House of indigenous Thai families in Cao Pha commune, Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province have been guided by KPF - Khau Pha Friends how provide tourism services in a thoughtful manner, towards the goal of sustainable tourism development in the area.

Khau Pha House. Photo: KPF

They are financially supported by interest-free loans to repair their homes and improve their living environment.

Many architects have assisted in designing and rebuilding the stilt house in a nature-friendly manner, preserving traditional cultural features, turning simple original houses into beautiful homestay accommodation facilities with amenities in harmony with nature. Hosts are also guided and supported with cooking, communicating, and welcoming skills to offer best service.

Mr. Lu Van Quyet - owner of Quyet Doan homestay said: "Over 3 years of operating tourism, my family's life has stabilized and developed much more than grow rice, or corn. During the ripe rice season last year, my family welcomed about 300 visitors, on average, the cost of a guest to the homestay is VND 150,000 /person/night”.

In addition, KPF guides children, homestay-operating families and local people to practice English to meet basic communication with foreign tourists; training a team of local guides; building tourism products and services imbued with local cultural identity: trekking, participating in traditional agriculture, dyeing indigo cloth and knitting bamboo with the Thai people or painting with beeswax with the Mong people...

Summer camp. Photo: KPF

KPF also organizes summer camps with many life experiences to attract visitors to Cao Pha out of the tourist season, generating income for people.

Recently, KPF also launched the KongHill camping site in Ta Dong village with 13 campsites and ancillary service. The Mong people here have also been guided and trained to operate this campsite. With the rental price of VND 200,000/day, the whole tent rental is VND 300,000/day, all revenue is divided by 50% to the local people who operate this site, generating income for the people.

KPF also supports Cao Pha people in trading and consuming indigenous agricultural products; preserving, restoring and developing the indigo dyeing profession by selling indigo-dyed towels and fabrics; organizing environmental festivals, planting trees, treating waste, building a community library..., creating a well-organized appearance for tourism.

KongHill camping site. Photo: giadinhcamping

Up to now, when Paragliding Festival takes place in Khau Pha, the Hmong and Thai motorbike taxi drivers in Cao Pha commune are busy picking up pilots and tourists from the landing area back to the top of Khau Pha pass. The homestay is always full of guests. Local guides are busy taking visitors to experience tourism products.

Tourism in Cao Pha has been developing properly, both as tourism and protecting the landscape, environment and identity.

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