Zero-waste tourism in Quang Nam

Update: 25/09/2023
Quang Nam is replicating the zero-waste tourism models at some typical tourist sites with the goal of reaching many zero-waste tourist attractions in the province.

Waste circulation model in tourism in Hoi An

To reach the green goal in tourism, several tourism businesses in Quang Nam have recently limited non-degradable waste, especially plastic.

Till now, over 10 businesses providing tourism services in the province have received the certificate of green tourism. And Silk Sense Hoi An is the first hotel to say no to plastic waste, sending a message about environmental protection.

Another address saying ‘No’ to plastic is Tam Thanh mural village. Plastic waste is hardly found there.

The project on replication of such zero-waste tourism models as Silk Sense Hoi An and Tam Than mural village are being implemented in Hoi An and other tourist sites in Quang Nam with a goal of building tourism communities without solid waste.

The project is currently financed by the Pacific Centre for Natural Resources and Environment and UN-Habitat.

The zero-waste community model is carried out in 5 steps, including minimization, recycling, composting, sorting for recycling, and discarding.

As a result, there will be a reduction of waste in each household in the residential area, especially plastic waste.

Tourism businesses will apply zero-waste operating procedures and waste control at source. Thereby, it contributes to developing Quang Nam as a green tourism attraction.

Source: Quang Nam News - - September 23, 2023