BenThanh Tourist contributes to greening Phong Dien Forest

Update: 29/05/2024
With the message “Preserve the Forest for the Future,” BenThanh Tourist this year has joined hands with the Gaia Nature Conservation Center to help green the impoverished forests in Phong Dien in Thua Thien Hue Province.

BenThanh Tourist employees prepare young trees for the "Phong Dien Reforestation" project - Photos: Benthanh Tourist

The company sponsored 500 trees for the Gaia Nature Conservation Center’s “Phong Dien Reforestation” project. The project aims to realize the goal of forest restoration in three areas, including: the barren land along the Cam Lo - La Son road connecting Quang Tri to Thua Thien Hue Province; the area around the Rao Trang 3 hydropower plant; and the patrol road area bordering the Phong Dien Nature Reserve and residential areas.

The chosen trees for forest restoration primarily include native, large-wood species with extensive root systems that are effective in protecting water sources and preventing erosions and landslides.

A representative of the company stressed the important role of the Phong Dien forest. Located in the Central Truong Son ecological region, the forest is home to 38 mammal species, 204 bird species, 35 reptile and amphibian species, and 755 plant species, many of which are critically endangered, according to USAID data. Additionally, this forest is an important upstream area that improves water sources for major rivers such as the My Chanh River, the O Lau River, and the Bo River that ensure water supplies for millions of people downstream.

However, according to the Gaia Nature Conservation Center, approximately 21% of the Phong Dien forest area is currently degraded. Therefore, the need for reforestation here is critical. By deciding to sponsor reforestation activities in Phong Dien, BenThanh Tourist shows its corporate social and environmental responsibility. The company wants to contribute to environmental protection efforts, bringing tangible benefits to the community and preserving green resources for future generations.

In addition to the reforestation project, the company has been implementing various community-oriented, sustainable development activities, creating a clean and green living and working environment.

BenThanh Tourist annually organizes diverse community activities, such as providing housing support for workers in difficult circumstances, visiting and gifting families in need within the company’s operational areas, supporting workers’ children in their education, and awarding scholarships to underprivileged children. In addition, it has regularly assisted policy families, launched blood donation campaigns, and cooperate with Vien Dong Hotel to deliver nutritious meals to poor workers and the homeless through the “Sharing Love to the Streets” program.

A company representative said, “BenThanh Tourist always sees contributing to society and sharing with the community as one of its important responsibilities. The company has and will continue to actively participate in natural environment protection activities, building communities, and increasingly bringing more positive values to society.”

Additionally, the company encourages its employees throughout its system to donate one day’s salary to the Fund for the Poor.

BenThanh Tourist also organizes initiatives to remind and encourage its employees and customers to maintain cleanliness and protect the environment. This includes campaigns like “Collecting Used Batteries - A Better Tomorrow,” “Adding Green - Adding Life” for the company’s union members and youth union, and the “Say No to Plastic” campaign at Vien Dong Hotel.

BenThanh Tourist collaborates with Vien Dong Hotel to collect used batteries to protect the environment

Regarding products, the company actively designs green tourism services, such as the Can Gio Mangrove rowing tour, the “Peaceful Day in the Land of Steel” cycling tour to Cu Chi, the Nam Cat Tien forest trekking tour, the relaxing lakeside camping tour at Dau Tieng Lake, and the wellness and meditation combined yoga tour at Nam Cat Tien.

These tour programs bring visitors to destinations that retain much of their pristine beauty, immersing them in vast natural settings and combining beneficial sports activities to help visitors connect with nature. Notably, BenThanh Tourist’s “Peaceful Day in the Land of Steel” cycling tour was listed among the Top 100 interesting things in HCMC for 2023 by the HCMC Department of Tourism.

Through practical actions in both business production and community programs, BenThanh Tourist hopes to bring about positive changes in customers’ and citizens’ awareness of protecting the natural environment, creating a greener future for the next generation.

By Minh Duy

Source: Saigon Times - - May 28, 2024